Donation Addresses

The donation addresses on our website should match the addresses in the image below which is cross-posted to our Twitter and Medium accounts. Please verify that they all match to assure that you are sending your donation to the correct addresses. Also read the COVAL Crowdfunding Creed. Thank you.

COVAL Custom Currency

COVAL's Currency as a Service (Caas) provides custom currencies that can be created by using ₡OVAL as the "parent" currency. A project can leverage COVAL technology and the ₡OVAL cryptocurrency rather than only use an internal accounting database or creating a new cryptocurrency that would not be easily added to open markets via exchanges. It may be appealing to some to have the guarantees of a 1:1 ratio with ₡OVAL as a way to move the value out of the application or game and into the open markets.

When a user who owns 100 COVAL.MYGAME tokens can redeem them for 100 COVAL tokens and trade/sell them on Bittrex or elsewhere, that makes the MYGAME tokens more useful without any heavy lifting or expenses incurred by the project's creators. The project's users would be more satisfied with their in-app/in-game currency because they can extract the value in a more broad market rather than be restricted to trading with only fellow users/players of that app or game.

COVAL will also provide a sidechains component called Circuit Jumper to handle additional movement of these custom tokens into other blockchain networks such as Ethereum.

More info on how to create custom COVAL tokens will be published soon.

More Info: View Diagram

COVAL Sidechains

At the core of the COVAL Platform is a network of blockchain ledgers. We refer to these ledgers as Sidechains since the COVAL Platform base cryptocurrency is on the Bitcoin Blockchain (Counterparty Platform) but leverages purposeful ledgers that enable core platform functionality and service integrations.

All COVAL Sidechains interoperate with each other and can also interface with other public and private blockchain networks using various methods.

To understand the purpose of each COVAL Sidechain, it helps to view them in their domain name format with descriptions.

More info: Docs

Ledger Assigned Wallet (LAW) Protocol

The COVAL Platform implements the LAW Protocol which has been created by the COVAL team in conjunction with designing the COVAL platform. The LAW protocol describes off-chain wallet assignment transactions where a distributed ledger (COVAL Sidechain) is used to log the assignment of wallets to users and the status of those wallets as Owned or Unowned. This simple concept is the basis for a trusted wallet distribution process and is at the core of the COVAL platform. The LAW protocol spec will be published soon.

More Info: Docs, View Diagram and Read blog post

Emblems are Fundable, Sendable, Tradable Digital Asset Vaults

Emblem is a unique digital asset vault with integrated chat bot, crypto token wallet and file manager. The app is built with p2p and decentralized technology and powered by the COVAL platform and distributed ledger network.

More info: Docs and and on our blog here and here

VOCAL is COVAL's decentralized social content publishing system (currently runs on Mastodon). There is an emphasis on audio content. VOCAL is a canvas for the COVAL platform and will be our user accounts and authentication layer for any COVAL services that require it. The video below is testing audio publishing and oauth flow.

More info: Docs,

ODEOKEE Audio Wallet Technology

COVAL is working on new technology and methods for generating "audio wallets" as a way to achieve the movement of value in a media container. Here is an early concept diagram.


As a service, COVAL will provide deployment and hosting of Mastodon servers (instances) that are fully compatible with COVAL and VOCAL components and apps. These subvocals can also be setup with their own subassets (custom COVAL tokens) and other branded options including either a subdomain of or a custom domain name, logo, theme and a simple content management system for static content pages and other areas of the interface where content other than posts appear.

₡OVAL is used to pay for this service and like all services offered by COVAL, these fees will be burned/destroyed indefinitely until the total supply is economically adjusted to an acceptable level.

We have only begun the exploration and strategy of this particular service as of April 2017 and we will need some time to prepare and launch this service for beta users. We will announce more details when we are closer to launching the subvocal service. If you are interested, use the contact form on this website to get in touch with the COVAL team.

COVAL ZERO - ZeroNet Domain Name Service

We will be introducing a new naming service to the ZeroNet community ( using the ZERO asset and Counterparty's new "subassets" feature which enables asset names like ZERO.SULL. Currently, ZeroNet supports Namecoin for custom .bit domains that resolve to ZeroNet decentralized sites/pages/apps. The same functionality will be available with ZERO names.

What is ZeroNet?

ZeroNet uses Bitcoin and Bittorrent technology as the backbone of a p2p decentralized network of websites and apps. Learn more at

Benefits of COVAL ZERO

Unlike .bit Namecoin domains, COVAL ZERO names have the added benefit of being tokens on the Bitcoin Blockchain. This means that when you have a COVAL ZERO name, you also have your own supply of ZERO.YOURNAME tokens which you can use in any creative way that you want.

More Info: Docs and View Diagram


Apps and games contain many user and player actions. Some are social and others are functional. Commonly in social apps you can FOLLOW, SHARE, LIKE, FAVORITE, BLOCK, MUTE etc. In games you can SWING a sword or HIDE or FIGHT and so on.

COVAL will be experimenting with tokenizing such actions, or verbs, and creating a token economy around this concept. Only ₡OVAL can be used to purchase these tokens which could then be earned, purchased or traded by an app's users based on the app owner's rules and terms. Pricing has not yet been finalized. We will also be using these within VOCAL.

The tokens will be Counterparty Subassets of COVAL's VERB asset. For example, VERB.INVITE, VERB.FOLLOW etc.

More Info: Docs


Create a collection of your Blockchain trading cards or tokens representing anything such as music tracks or exclusive videos inside a COVAL PACK (i.e. PACK.MYCARDS) and the pack will be published and viewable online and in apps/games. Reveal either all, some or none of the cards and optionally configure purchase options (buy now, auction, pwyw, free etc).

The COVAL PACK service will facilitate secure transport of bundled tokens that could represent trading cards from projects such as Spells of Genesis or Rare Pepe or access to music and other media. A token card can represent anything you want. Your registered pack name and associated wallet can be reused and is not transferred with the tokens in the pack when it is purchased.

More Info: Docs and View Diagram


Shapeshift Prism is a new service that is based on Ethereum Smart Contracts and an Oracle price data feed managed by Shapeshift. COVAL PRISM is an integration that will provide enhanced crypto asset portfolios.

With COVAL PRISM, you could create a tradable token representing either your full Prism Portfolio or issue shares as tokens and split any profits from the portfolio with holders of your PRISM token.

You will also be able to generate a PRISM from a COVAL PACK and vise versa.

More Info: Docs and View Diagram