What is COVAL

COVAL is the cryptocurrency of the VOCAL social network and an expansive technology platform for moveable value.

COVAL will provide developer tools such as SDKs and APIs so that an ecosystem of 3rd party apps/games can use COVAL to power their own native in-app currency that inherits COVAL's capabilities, tradability and interoperability.

COVAL's initial focus is on providing blockchain based token and naming services. The first set of projects are COVAL ZERO for ZeroNet Domain Names, COVAL VERB for tokenizing app and game actions and COVAL PACK for creating and selling collections of digital trading cards.

As ₡OVAL becomes established as a useful cryptocurrency, a network of redemption paths will evolve with partner programs.

What is VOCAL

VOCAL (vocal.vc) is a federated node (instance) on a decentralized network running on Mastodon which is a Twitter-like system that is compatible with federated social networking protocols. VOCAL will also be ubiquitous and omnipresent just as COVAL intends to be. The Mastodon instance is the first phase of VOCAL.

VOCAL has an emphasis on audio publishing tools and distributed ledger technology and is a canvas for various COVAL related components and integrations that will include tip bots, p2p markets/payments, cryptographic audio watermarking/steganography, crypto token access/action controls and real-world redemption paths.

COVAL Projects

Learn more about COVAL's first set of projects.

COVAL Details

COVAL is flexible, adaptable, portable and blockchain agnostic. Using our concept of "sidechains" called Circuit Jumper, ₡OVAL can materialize on other networks and ledgers while the core cryptocurrency remains secured by the Bitcoin Blockchain.

₡OVAL is available on the Bittrex public cryptocurrency exchange and on the decentralized Counterparty exchange within Counterwallet.

₡OVAL is a digital asset (token) on the Counterparty platform which uses the Bitcoin Blockchain for all transactions.

Wallets: COVAL Wallet or Counterwallet

Deprecated Legacy Tools

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The Coval Open Reward Distribution Fund - CORD - is setup with 100m ₡OVAL. Partners have not yet been added to the program. You can learn more about CORD by going to the dedicated cord.fund website.


The founders of COVAL are Shannon Code and Michael Sullivan. We are collaborating with others and are interested in building a larger team as we move forward.